statc J£w$ Got Mon€¥: Jewish billionaire donates over $100 million to Oxford University

vendredi 13 juillet 2012

Jewish billionaire donates over $100 million to Oxford University

Rich Jews always love to help out the less fortunate.

This week Jewish investor Michael Moritz made a donation that was one of the largest individual gifts ever that the University of Oxford has received. The donation will be financing an annual scholarship program for three years to benefit students with financial need.

Moritz earned his fortune as an investor at Sequoia Capital which invested early in websites such as Google, YouTube and LinkedIn. His gift of £75 million is said to be one of the five largest philanthropic donations ever to have been made in Britain.

This fall, the first hundred scholarships will be awarded to Oxford students from families with annual incomes of less than £16,000 the threshold to qualify for free meals at the university. In the Oxford student body, one in 10 students come from families with incomes below that level. A graduate of Oxford himself, Moritz said he was motivated to give the grant to make possible "the dreams and aspirations of individuals determined to excel, while safeguarding academic excellence in the global reputation of Oxford," according to the news media. The plight of his German Jewish parents also inspired Moritz to give this donation. His father also studied at Oxford and was able to earn his doctorate thanks to financial assistance.

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